Ukulele Lesson (Singapore)

Learn How to Play Ukulele in 3 Lessons

Why Learn Ukulele

THe ukulele is the musical instrument of choice for the young and old. It is simple to learn, fun to play, practical to carry around and affordable.

You can learn to play the Ukulele fast in just one lesson. You just learn 3 chords to play many songs. So it is easy to master the ukulele.

As the ukulele take less hours to master compared to other instrument, it is the perfect choice for Singaporeans who are busy and have little time for musical pursuit.

It is fun to learn to play the ukulele. It reminds you of Hawaii and Elvis Presley. It is not too loud so that you can practice it at home without disturbing the neighbors.

The ukulele is small enough to carry it around by public transport and light enough to carry. Although it is small, it is a full scale musical instrument.

The ukulele is one of the cheapest instruments and is affordable for all.

A few words about us

Who is the Ukulele teacher and what's his background?

Mr Richard Chong, 65, is a full-time music instructor and a ukulele guru, as his students call him. In his younger days, he play in the music bands called The Crescendos and The Falcons. He started teaching the instrument five years ago, while doing missionary work involving orphans from countries such as Cambodia. Today he still active doing charity work, such as teaching in the girls 'home and the blind. He also travel to Vietnam to bring the joy of ukulele music to the churches there.

Every fortnight, he conducts a jamming session for a group of enthusiasts, comprising both men and women, mostly middle-aged or older.

Thanks to Mr Richard Chong's enthusiasm and love for ukulele, many schools, churches and organisations in Singapore are incorporating the lovely ukulele instrument in their music curriculum. Some of his students have graduated to become ukulele teachers.

Richard Chong, Singapore Ukulele teacher


Selection of photos

Over the years, we have taken a lot of photos of the students playing in the churches, mission outreach, community service, performance, schools, uniformed groups, at leisure, and jamming sessions. Here are highlights of a few photos to showcase the wide outreach of the Ukulele. Certainly the love of music bring us to many places

Ukulele Lessons for the Young


Never Too Old to Learn


Ukulele Lesson in the Church


A Ukulele Class


Ukulele lessons for Beginners (for those with no music background

With immediate effect, Mr Chong will no longer conduct Ukulele classes or coach privately. He will only come to teach when you have a ready group for him. If you have a ready class in your school or in your church, Mr Chong will be glad to come to your premises to teach your group.


This crash course is intended for those wanting to learn the Ukulele in the shortest possible time. Just 3 lessons within the week.

Email with your INVESTMENT: Adult $280 per course which is packaged with a free Concert size Ukulele (our premium brand ‘RED DOT’ Ukulele), Bag, Electronic Tuner, Pick, Holder, Adjustable Neck Strap and a 27-Song Booklet (Christian, Evergreen and Community Songs). NOTE The Concert size Uke is larger, louder and more expensive.

Children under 16 pay $210 for the package.; $170 if they already own a ukulele and tuner.
Adults with own ukulele and tuner pay only $220 for the course fee and song booklet.
By the end of the first lesson, most students should be able to strum and sing 4 to 5 songs. By the 3rd lesson, 15 to 20 songs with different tempos would have been covered, assuming students memorize and practise their basic chords at home.
Cheque to be payable to THE UKULELE SCHOOL.

See what these beginner ladies accomplished after just 3 lessons, not 3 months:

Ukulele lessons

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Learn how to play "Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World" on the Ukulele

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Ukulele teacher

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